Robert Lee Molton's
Killer Guitar Survival Kit

RockStar Guitar Skills Are Now Within Your Reach...Uncovering The Secrets To Killer Rock Guitar!

"If You're Willing To Apply These Proven
Guitar Survival
Methods & Techniques,
Then You Have Exactly What It Takes
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Onstage and In The Recording Studio"

Now You Can Legally Steal My Proven Behind The Scenes Guitar Enhancement Secrets, Giving Yourself An Unfair Advantage Over Other Guitarists Instantly!

You're Just About To Find Out:

How One Simple Technique Can Improve Your Guitar Skills Over 100%

The 5 Biggest Secrets That Guarantees A Home Run Style Success For Any Type of Guitar Tone You're Creating

The Pro's String Installation Secret, Makes An Unbelievable Difference On Intonation

The Most Successful Methods and Techniques For A Long Term Guitar Playing Career

How To Get Killer Guitar Tone Without Spending Tons of $$$

The Single Most Important Thing No One Else Is Telling You About Getting Consistent Killer Guitar Tone Every Single Time

How These Guitar Enhancement Techniques Can Instanty Improve Your Guitar Playing Regardless Of The Style Of Music You Play

All This, And Much More...

From: Robert Lee Molton
Re: Guitar Survival Kit


Dear Friend,

re you sick and tired of banging your head against the wall trying to boost your guitar skills to the professional level, only to find that you're more confused and still not getting the results you wanted?

I bet you are!

I often receive emails from people just like you who are struggling to take their guitar playing to the next level. Many times they're so close to getting over the hurdle, but just aren't aware of what it takes.

You've taken lessons, you've learned from your friends, you've watched your favorite guitar players closely, but still you can't seem to get to where you want to be.

Unfortunately, this is often the point where many guitarists throw in the towel, accepting they will never get to the level of killer rock guitar playing. This is NOT TRUE!

When I hear these stories, I often write back...

It's NOT Your Fault!

You see, I've been helping other guitarists improve their skills for twenty years, and i've seen most people come through this rut successfully (with the proper guidance and mindset). Many of these people are in well established bands today. However, there are real keys to success, and one of the hardest parts is figuring out where to focus your time and energy for maximum results.

Through the years of helping other guitarists, I've noticed common problem areas. It didn't take long for me to recall my own similar struggles early on. As I think back, I would love to have had some professional help and guidance to boost my guitar playing in the right direction. Therefore, I felt the need to create learning tools for my students to help them overcome these areas of concern.

So, I began developing guitar instructional products (one at a time) to focus on specific areas of need. After testing several of my products through my guitar clients and the world wide web, I soon discovered I was able to help hundreds of other guitarists simultaneously with awesome results.

This is directly related to why I see so many of my students get really good very quickly. They're able to learn and apply these tips and techniques in the comfort of their home. Even though I'm not personally in the room with them, I'm still able to help them focus on the important things that will make a real difference their guitar playing. This is very beneficial.

Here's the great news for you!

After being asked over and over to bundle my guitar instructional products together as one package,
I realized it would be very beneficial for others If I did. In fact, It's now my goal to help you succeed from all your hard work by getting the absolute most out of your guitar playing in the shortest amount of time.

Remember, I've been right where you are now, and I know that if I had these learning tools early on in my career it would have helped me tremendously. I feel somewhat obligated to share as much as I can with you, because I know what proper guidance can do for someone who is willing to apply it.

Since you're reading this now, you're already showing the willingness and mindset for success! Strike while the iron is hot. You've heard it said that luck is when opportunity and preparedness meet, well you've got half the battle won, now you need to recognise the opportunity in front of you and strike.

Today You're About To Discover The Truth!

So, why should you listen to me, and how will it benefit you?

Well, those of you that I've worked with in the past are back again because you know I offer great instructional products and training targeted to specific guitar needs. Learning and applying these methods, tips, and techniques will lead you directly down the path to killer rock guitar playing. I've got hundreds of satisfied clients who are miles ahead of where they once were in their guitar playing.

If you haven't heard of me, here's some background...

I cut my teeth on guitar in a small town. In fact, there was only one guitar teacher in the whole town and she was a girl. I took a few lessons and knew I wanted something more than Mel Bay's beginner book #1. Nothing wrong with Mel's stuff, It just wasn't for me, I wanted to rock!

So, basically for the next several years anything and everything I learned was from teaching myself, watching other people, listening to rock bands, reading articles, you name it. This put me in a bit of an unusual situation, because though it took longer for me to "arrive" so to speak, it was with much knowledge that it came, because I could literally explain how and why things worked having had to figure things out for myself.

The real eye opener for me was when I moved to the city and started teaching guitar, I was able to connect with the students who were facing the exact learning hurdles I had to get over myself years earlier. The difference was, now I had methods for the things that worked, and I taught them to my students and watched them grow into monster guitar players.

Another interesting thing when I first moved to the city was I knew alot of the mechanics of what I was doing, but didn't really know the musical terminology until I started digging into music theory books and realized I was doing the same things taught, except I didn't know the terminology of what it was. When I connected the terminology to the mechanics of what I had been doing on my own all those years, was when the flood gates opened. This was a real "ah ha" moment.

I was able to Improve so much faster and with much higher quality. This allowed me to help my students in the same way.

After sharing some of my "How To Get Great Guitar Tone" methods online in 2006, I've earned some of the best reviews on my eBook ever. Tons of people improved their guitar tone by applying my methods and techniques. I received many thank you's and success stories.

I recently won a guitar contest for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO), and after the video was launched for the contest, I started getting positive emails about my guitar tone in the video. I was thrilled and a bit surprised, because it was recorded straight into the video camera mic.

I shared some very useful and effective tone methods with the people that emailed me ... I mean really useful stuff. Everyone benefitted from the tips and techniques I revealed. It's about combining the right things.

I want you to realize what's possible for you, and your own personal guitar development and growth. It does take the right mindset, it does take commitment, and it does take some positive re-enforcement. Many people have been where you are now, and have turned themselves into great guitar players.

It's True... and you can do the same if you focus on the important elements.

Click Here To Gain Access To The Guitar Survival Kit

This was a case study from when I released "How To Get Great Guitar Tone". I wanted to include this because I think It's still valuable information, and it's part of this package as well.

The Shocking Case Study!

One of the important elements of the Guitar Survival Kit focuses on getting killer guitar tone, so I decided I was going to put my basic core guitar tone methods up against a few of the well known guitar products that are marketed to us guitar players daily.

I knew my methods worked, but I wanted to start from scratch and see if there were any recent products that may have merit... So I went to work.

I set up several rigs so I could test the products in multiple variations to make sure that 100% of the results were valid and fair.

It's important to say that all the products worked great, but having said that, my proven methods and techniques were producing far better organic guitar tone. I have to admit, some of these products weren't doing too bad though. Here's the results after a couple of weeks from the start of this case study:

Line 6 POD XT Amp Modeler

This handy little device is pretty cool to say the least, and it does do a whole lot of things very well, however...

It's a great way to capture tracks onto a digital work station, and send a signal through headphones to the drummer, but...

When it comes to building you're main core sound, this unit alone can't be recommended, Because...

The lack of tube warmth, and the response from the EQ section still leads down the path of the digitized sound. It's close, but not quite there.

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Pedal




This pedal is one of the better distortion pedals due to it's wide range built in parametric equalizer, And...

This unit does have a huge range of distortion, as well as tonal shaping abilities, but...

When it comes to using this as a tool for your core sound, even through a great tube amp, I would advise against it because it colors your tone before it shapes it. You have to be careful of this.

The equalizer is not nearly as musical as it could be. For such a wide range of tonal options, it falls short because of the sterile sounding EQ. It tends to be noisy as well.

Seymour Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker

First off, I really like dime's guitar tone, especially for his style of music, which is exactly why I was so excited to try this pickup, but...

I was very disappointed when I discovered it wasn't even close to what I expected. It was mushy sounding, and...

The response off of the pick was a bit dull feeling. It just didn't have the focus and tightness I expected, so...

The end result of this pickup is that i tried it in several guitars and it was the same outcome. I wouldn't recommend it for the starting point of your core sound.

Monster Cable - Monster Rock 1/4

The Monster Cable name is very well respected, and they actually do make a great cable, however...

Considering the cost of these cables, I assumed they must be one of the best cables available, and maybe they are as far as durability and longevity goes, but...

Instrument cables can make or break your sound, so the cost factor doesn't really matter if they don't sound clean, crisp, and clear. I'd rather eat from a clean paper plate, than a dirty china plate.

The bottom line is, I learned that these cables dulled the high end of my signal, and the sound was more spongy and squishy rather than sharp and focused. Yes, it was that noticeable to me.

Robert Lee Molton's - Killer Guitar Tone Approach

The guitar tone you create using my methods and techniques, will always sound killer because you'll understand the formula for success!

The tone methods and techniques will work for any and all guitarists, including any and all styles of music.

The approach to Killer Guitar Tone will actually make you a better guitarist, and will indeed sharpen your listening skills.

The knowledge and skill you'll acquire when absorbing the information you're about to indulge yourself in, is something you'll use for the rest of your music career.

(My methods are hands down the only way to get real killer tone)

I think you'll agree, my techniques are 10 times more effective than the next best gadget on the market. To start with, the secret formula you're going to learn is something you'll use for the rest of your guitar playing career, not to mention shaving years off your learning curve. You'll potentially save thousands of dollars. It's a lifetime reward.

If you choose to follow the wrong information you could end up like so many other guitarists, chasing their tales in search of the ultimate guitar tone, only to find limited success if any.

What's In The Guitar Survival Kit?
How's It Going To Help Me?

Remember, this Guitar Survival Kit was specifically put together for you. I've compiled 4 of my best guitar instructional products, along with several guitar enhancement videos, Marshall amplifier and Gibson guitar schematics, music industry resource guide, four user friendly pieces of software,
etc... These guitar enhancement products are going to help you focus your time and energy on the important elements that can have a major impact within your guitar playing skills fast.

Let's look at everything
Inside the Guitar Survival Kit

"How To Get Great Guitar Tone"

(Physical Soft Cover Book Shipped To Your Door)

$67.00 Value

Soft Cover Physical Book

Shipped To Your Front Door.


You'll Follow Along Step-By-Step And Begin Applying My Most Effective Blueprint For Creating Killer Guitar Tone
Using Your Existing Guitar Rig Or Starting From Scratch

I've spent months brain dumping the important elements of creating great guitar tone on to paper. I've then put this into a no fluff Online Book... Full of useful tips, methods and techniques that can take anyone from an average guitar sound to a killer professional guitar sound.


How To Get Great Guitar Tone is my secret formula roadmap, that I personally use to create killer guitar tone each and every time.

Once you know the secret formula for creating your own unique guitar tone, you'll have the golden key to unlock killer guitar tone forever.

There's nothing but hard hitting, proven techniques that I personally use to build my killer guitar tone. Your audience will take notice, and soon be slobbering over the slab of guitar tone you're feeding them.

Here's just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover...

Click Here For Immediate Access


An ingeniously simple formula to create Killer Guitar Tone on demand without going broke or buying all new gear

Why making sure you actually re-string your guitar properly is a must... It's amazing how important it is...Yet, many people don't know this

Which types of wood you should use if you're getting a new guitar or building one... This will save you a huge headache

Discover... How to tap into your own personal unique guitar tone, that will blow away your competition, and get you noticed

The Most Successful Formula For Creating Amazing Guitar Tone, regardless of the style of music you play

The important elements to focus on for maximum tone from your guitar rig, in as fast a time as possible

The 2 crucial elements you need to analyze when choosing a new guitar, or comparing tone differences
How to pass the razor blade test... Fail this, and your guitar tone is as good as scrap
How To Create Mind Blowing Guitar Tone In Just A Few Minutes

(A Sneak Peek Into A Rock Guitarists Stage Rig)

Exposed... How to sound great on any guitar, or any amp automatically
The 5 Biggest Secrets That Guarantees A Home Run Style Success For Any musical Style Of Guitar Tone You Create

The secret formula all the pro's use that no one else is telling you about

Uncovered... The 2 most popular wood types used to quickly get amazing tone from your guitar

The best finishes that allow the Most Organic Guitar Tone Available'

How to know which pickup is right for you, this will save you tons of time and money

How to dial-in your guitar rig like a true professional musician onstage

How 1 Simple Technique Can Improve Your Guitar Tone 100%

Revealed... How speakers affect your tone, what speaker is best for you in your unique tone quest... You really need to know this

The truth about outboard gear, pedals, and hard bypass switching
The 4 crucial tone elements of concern, when building a guitar from scratch... all are as important as each other
Inside... The super easy way to start creating killer tone from your guitar rig today

(20 Years of proven tips and methods revealed)

The One Technique No One Else Is Telling You About On How To Create A Killer Rock Guitar Sound

Discover the key differences in amplifier power tubes, and how you can use pre-amp tubes to create 110% better tone instantly

My secret weapon, when it comes to getting quality guitar tone through any guitar, or amp. Your audience will be attracted to your sound

The Surefire method That guarantees you, to sound like yourself, regardless of the guitar you're playing.

Exactly what should go where, in your signal chain, this is critical

The amazing advanced aggressive picking technique that can add Growl to your guitar tone... immediately

How any guitarist or band can use these tone enhancements to benefit the overall band's sound, and Gain An Instant 'PRO' Credibility Status

The exact methods and technique I use, as do countless other pro's to guarantee the best tone results possible for live or studio

How the little guy can trump a million dollar guitar sound again and again
The secrets to using an inline guitar tuner, and a wireless system
Plus much more...

Secure Access To Your Guitar Survival Kit

You'll Also Get...

"Guitar SpeedPicking Techniques"

(Speedpicking DVD Shipped To Your Door)

$67.00 Value

Speedpicking DVD

Shipped To Your Front Door.


"Join The Hundreds Of Others Who Have Already Discovered The Most Important Elements Of Guitar Speed Picking And Accuracy. It's True You'll Have An Unfair Advantage Over Other Guitarists, with Proven Results"

Can you honestly say that you're satisfied with your guitar picking techniques? Most of us have a style of picking that gets us by, but in reality it's not the best it can be. This is exactly why I've created this Guitar SpeedPicking Techniques Instructional DVD just for you.


Guitar SpeedPicking Techniques Instructional DVD is a smorgasboard of tips and secrets geared towards Guitar SpeedPicking, and is perfect for all picking.

The DVD is designed to help you improve important picking elements within guitar playing,from general guitar picking techniques, to powerful guitar speedpicking techniques, etc...

Though these guitar speedpicking techniques can be used to dramatically improve your guitar speed, they're actually taught as the proper way to pick everything fast or slow.

People Will Notice!! After applying these techniques, your natural ability to play guitar with speed and accuracy happens automatically. Your guitar skills will begin to improve rapidly from that point on.

Here's just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover...

Click Here For Immediate Access

Shave years of your learning curve with my insider guitar tips and guitar techniques, all within this DVD!

Discover picking techniques that can move you miles ahead of other guitarists quickly and easily.

How you should use your pick to gain maximum speed.

Why the up-stroke is so important, and how to use it correctly.

How and when to use the sweep picking method.

How and why you should incorporate left hand legato scale rolls.

How to syncronize your picking for maximum definition.
How to incorporate pettle tone techniques into your playing.
How to view and relate horizontal scale runs to shapes and patterns on the fretboard.

You'll Also Get...

"40 Killer Rock Guitar Licks"
(Instant Download Version)

40 Killer Rock Guitar Licks is an all original, exclusive series of guitar licks designed especially for you, as a guitarist wanting to expand your guitar lick repertoire.

These licks are not just ordinary licks, but in fact Great Guitar Licks that you'll use for the rest of your guitar career.

The best thing about this entire lick collection is after you learn the licks, you'll soon discover different ways to play the same variations and expand.

It's really cool because you can combine hundreds upon hundreds of different combinations of these licks, as well as the changed variations, which allows you to begin carving out your niche sound. This is important because you'll create your identity very quickly if you focus on it. The hardest part is taking that first step into the uncharted waters. Trust me when I say, you'll be extremely satisfied when you're comfortable using these new licks within your sound. You'll wish you had done it much sooner!

Pro Guitarists know the power of taking a single lick, and playing it several different ways in several different keys without ever sounding the same!
This is one of many Rock Star Secrets.

>>> Here's What You'll Get <<<

10 Killer Pentatonic Guitar Licks

AUDIO: Normal Speed / Slow Speed / 2 Freestyle Jams

TABLATURE: E-book With Tablature For All Licks

These Pentatonic Rock Guitar Licks are designed to add Aggressive Horse-Power into your sound. When you want to smoke the tires, just bust out these Pentatonic Guitar Licks and you'll Burn'em off! You'll stand tall with these killer pentatonic licks, while sharpening your playing skills to a razors edge.

You'll get that "Booster Shot" needed to expand your lead guitar playing beyond all your wild expectations. People will positively take notice of your authority!!

You'll hear the licks played at normal speed, and then played slow revealing every detail. You'll also receive a tablature e-book, showing you the exact notes being played.This eliminates all the guesswork for you.

You'll notice each lick has it's own personality. This is how and why you're able to use them to your advantage. When you become more familiar with the style of sounds, and technques, you'll begin using them as tools to enhance your own playing.

You'll be amazed at how much more interesting your guitar playing will become. This is a huge benefit for you and your audience! It also promotes creative inspiration.

If you're serious about your guitar playing, you'll truly benefit from these High Quality Pentatonic Rock Guitar Licks!

These 10 Pentatonic Guitar Licks Are Created From The Pentatonic Minor Scale.

($47.00 Value)


10 Killer Repetitive Guitar Licks

AUDIO: Normal Speed / Slow Speed / 2 Freestyle Jams

TABLATURE: E-book With Tablature For All Licks

These Repetitive Rock Guitar Licks are designed to give you catchy cyclical phrases that your audience can latch onto, and easily remember. Very Important!

You'll get tons of mileage from these cool catchy repetitive guitar licks. These type of cyclical licks are great when used as resting spots within single note solos. People will instantly get what your doing!!

You'll hear the licks played at normal speed, and then played slow revealing every detail. You'll also receive a tablature e-book, showing you the exact notes being played.This eliminates all the guesswork for you.

You'll notice each lick has it's own personality. This is how and why you're able to use them to your advantage. When you become more familiar with the style of sounds, and technques, you'll begin using them as tools to enhance your own playing.

You'll be amazed at how much more interesting your guitar playing will become. This is a huge benefit for you and your audience! It also promotes creative inspiration.

If you're serious about your guitar playing, you'll truly benefit from these High Quality Repetitive Rock Guitar Licks!

These 10 Repetitive Guitar Licks Are Created From Major and Minor Scales.

($47.00 Value)


10 Killer Blues Rock Guitar Licks

AUDIO: Normal Speed / Slow Speed / 2 Freestyle Jams

TABLATURE: E-book With Tablature For All Licks

These Blues Rock Guitar Licks are designed to give you a nice blend of familiar sounds that all listeners can identify and appreciate immediately.

You'll get lots of feel from these sweet Blues Rock Guitar Licks. These super cool licks are part of the universal blues language, and will really connect with your audience. People will feel as though you are speaking directly to them!!

You'll hear the licks played at normal speed, and then played slow revealing every detail. You'll also receive a tablature e-book, showing you the exact notes being played.This eliminates all the guesswork for you.

You'll notice each lick has it's own personality. This is how and why you're able to use them to your advantage. When you become more familiar with the style of sounds, and technques, you'll begin using them as tools to enhance your own playing.

You'll be amazed at how much more interesting your guitar playing will become. This is a huge benefit for you and your audience! It also promotes creative inspiration.

If you're serious about your guitar playing, you'll truly benefit from these High Quality Blues Rock Guitar Licks!

These 10 Blues Rock Guitar Licks Are Created From The Major Blues Scale.

($47.00 Value)


10 Killer Pentatonic 2 Guitar Licks

AUDIO: Normal Speed / Slow Speed / 2 Freestyle Jams

TABLATURE: E-book With Tablature For All Licks

These Pentatonic 2 Rock Guitar Licks are designed to give you more of the same great thing... Aggressive Horse-Power!! As I said earlier, when you want to smoke the tires, just pop the clutch on these Pentatonic 2 Guitar Licks and you'll start a fire!

You'll get tons of ripping activity from these pentatonic 2 licks. These awesome licks are part your main musical vocaulary, and will really dominate the moment. People will certainly know you're the boss when you light these cherry bombs off!!

You'll hear the licks played at normal speed, and then played slow revealing every detail. You'll also receive a tablature e-book, showing you the exact notes being played.This eliminates all the guesswork for you.

You'll notice each lick has it's own personality. This is how and why you're able to use them to your advantage. When you become more familiar with the style of sounds, and technques, you'll begin using them as tools to enhance your own playing.

You'll be amazed at how much more interesting your guitar playing will become. This is a huge benefit for you and your audience! It also promotes creative inspiration.

If you're serious about your guitar playing, you'll truly benefit from these High Quality Blues Rock Guitar Licks!

These 10 Blues Rock Guitar Licks Are Created From The Major Blues Scale.

($47.00 Value)

Click Here To Gain Access To The Guitar Survival Kit

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Great Package. Worth the $ many times over!
James Anders - Damascus, MD


Much more than I expected - great seller - great experience
Harry Hewitt - London, ON


Exceptional product, super easy transaction, Highly Recommended
Scott MacDonald – Medicine Hat, AB


Killer product - fast shipping, pleasure to do business with
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User Friendly Guitar Products, fast shipping, recommended!!
Craig Marshall – Lake In The Hills, IL.

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"7 Lead Guitar Success Secrets"

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7-Day Lead Guitar Training Course,
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Get Ready To Improve Your Guitar Knowledge Even Further!

# 1. Video Module
"Marshall Cabinet Tone Secrets"

$37.00 Value

  • Learn how to maximize the performance of your Marshall 4x12 Cabinet.

  • Discover many of the factory imperfections, and how to correct them.

  • Find out about critical elements that could be easily robbing you of tone.

  • Get 50% more bass response and punch with this one simple technique.
All this and much more...

# 2. Video Module
"Guitar Stereo Micing Techniques"

$37.00 Value

  • Discover how to create a killer stereo field within your recording.

  • Find out the importance of proper phasing and how to avoid cancellation.

  • Learn the benefits of ambient micing and close micing techniques..

  • Is it better to record at high volumes, OR low volumes? Find out here!
All this and much more...

# 3. Video Module
"Guitar Intonation Secrets"

$37.00 Value

  • Learn how to properly set your intonation once and for all.

  • Find out why intonation is so important to the sound of your chords.

  • Discover how Intonation can easily make OR break your recordings

  • How to adjust your saddles for maximum performance from your stop tailpiece.
All this and much more...

# 4. Video Module
"How To Block Your Tremolo"

$37.00 Value

  • How to properly block your tremolo system, and still use it downwardly.

  • Discover all the benefits of blocking your tremolo and how it adds sustain etc.

  • Why blocking your tremolo makes it much easier to set your intonation.
  • How to adjust the claw to get the best response from your tremolo system.
All this and much more...

# 5. Video Module
"Understanding Wood & Tone Characteristics"

$37.00 Value

  • Discover what different types of wood can do for your guitar tone.

  • Why you should know how wood responds and resinates musically.

  • How to pick the right wood for your personal tone needs.

  • learn how to strategically choose pickups that compliment wood types.
All this and much more...

# 6. Video Module
"String Winding Secrets and Tips"

$37.00 Value

  • Learn the correct way to wrap your strings around your tuning pegs.
  • Find out what happens to your strings when you add too many wraps.
  • Discover the truth about string winding and it's direct effect on intonation.
  • How to lock your string into the peg to avoid any excessive string slippage.
All this and much more...

# 7. Video Module
"Uncovering Basic Core Guitar Sound"

$37.00 Value

  • Learn exactly what it takes to get to the core of your sound.

  • Discover the critical elements that create your core guitar sound.

  • Find out what pieces of external gear can rob your tone and signal.

  • How to create a clean signal chain and where to add effects within the chain.
All this and much more...



Great product just as described, fast shipping!
Bralio Gonzalez – Rosendale, WI.


Great program. Already learning new chops. Quick, smooth transaction.
Roger Swaney - Saline, MI.


This was worth 1000 times what it cost. Amazing!!!
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An amazing collection of over 140 Gibson Guitar Schematics all bundled up into one awesome package. This collection is a must for all guitar players.

If you ever wondered how any of your favorite guitars were wired, or wondered what value capacitors were used across the tone controls etc... It's all here.

In fact, this is a great way to wire other guitars using your favorite Gibson Guitar Schematic from this mighty collection.

This is something you'll refer back to again and again over your entire guitar carreer. It covers every wiring diagram.

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Marshall Amp Schematics
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Every Marshall owner should have this complete collection of Marshall Amplifier Schematics. Over 125 different amp schematics all bundled up into one awesome package. This collection is a must for Marshall amplifier users.

If you ever owned a favorite Marshall amp, then you already know the first thing that comes to mind when something goes wrong... "I wish I had a schematic for this amp". For yourself or you tech. No worries...They're all here!

You can bring vintage amps back to stock condition, including the plexi and Marshall Major 200 watt. Compare differences between amps, such as the Super Bass and Super Lead amps etc.

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Indie Resource Guide
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This is the #1 independent musician's resource guide to the recording industry. Most everything you need can be found somewhere within these 330 pages.

You'll find 4200 publications from around the world to review your CD... You'll discover 3400 radio stations worldwide that will play your songs.

Get 600 vendors and services that will help you sell your music, also 330 websites where you can upload your band's music files.

You'll have 500 resources to help promote your band, as well as 51 articles to help you incresase CD sales.

It's all right here!

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I want to be perfectly clear that these techniques, methods, secrets, tips, and knowledge that you're accessing, are the exact tools I've been using for years, as well as most all professional guitarists.

Many of these techniques and methods are not new. Most of these have been around for a long time, but somehow the critical elements get quietly swept under the rug. Out of sight, out of mind.

However before launching this to you I decided to ask some well respected guitarists take a look. I didn't ask them for anything in return, but within days unsolicited testimonials came flooding in. Here's just a few of the reviews.

"A truly useful, easy to follow guitar enhancement kit!"

Hi Robert,

Very Impressed, I never knew sounding this good could be this easy.

You covered almost everything in your Guitar Survival Kit. I've already implemented the most powerful methods and techniques, into my new sound.

Simply, I can't recommend this more than enough!

Keep up the good work Robert!

Best Wishes,
Steve Carpenter
Dougspur, VA.


"Way cool tricks and tips"

Great product! Been playing guitar for 35 years, but learned cool stuff day 1.

Having just finished the eBook I can tell you I'm incredibly impressed (if not a little shocked) at how much you've managed to cram into "The Guitar Survival Kit", adding in a whole bunch of useful tricks and tips.

Kudos, big man!"
Steven Brewer,
Lorton, VA.


"Cutting Edge"

"The Guitar Survival Kit covers all the core elements of pro quality guitar sound, and so much more. It's full of the best tone enhancement tips and cutting edge ideas out there."

Much More than I expected - great seller - highly recommended...

Harry Hewitt
London, ON


"Now anyone can learn how to get great guitar tone"

"Robert, you have done it again!

I didn't think there was a whole lot about guitar tone that I didn't know already, but you sure proved me wrong! 

Thanks for revealing your "Killer Guitar Tone Formula " so that anyone can begin creating amazing guitar tone. I really appreciated how you layed it all out. Your formula is easy to follow and better yet, easy to copy!

Great Product. There will be smoke rising from my fretboards as a result.


Richard Bolus
Vancouver, Canada


"A newbie like me, getting maximum picking results"

I know from seeing your guitar videos that you do have killer picking techniques, but up until now, no-one had showed a newbie like me a clear way of approaching a good picking technique. Well, now you have done exactly that. The Guitar SpeedPicking DVD shows exactly how to approach your guitar picking to get the maximum output results.

It's pretty clear how you get your ripping guitar tone, I just hope that your customers take action when they hit the other side of the download page..."

Awesome product!! Really cool guy...and fast great service!

Scott Baker
South Burlington, VT.


"Excellent!, Excellent!, did I mention Excellent?"


I was amazed at how much detail you go into with this guitar survival kit. Not only do you show people exactly what they need to do to set up a successful guitar rig, but you also give the essential step-by-step 'how to' information as well. Priceless!

You cover everything from setting up the guitar rig for maximum headroom, to what order the floor pedals should be in to get the most lush tones. It's such a simple system, that it makes it easy for anyone to set up a great sounding guitar rig in no time at all!

Excellent!, Excellent!, Excellent!, did I mention Excellent?

Thanks mate,

Daniel Mathew
s - Australia


"Brilliant -I Will Be Back"

Robert, man you've really rocked it this time.

I think this is way better than anything else. It covers all the bases of what's really going on when trying to improve your core guitar skills and knowledge. Guitarists can really use it to their advantage... Nice work!

Thanks for letting me review,


Nick Corless
Warrenpoint, Ireland


"Great Package Worth $ Many Times Over”

Hey Robert,

I just finished learning several killer rock guitar licks, and wanted to let you know that you’ve done it again! I appreciate your no-nonsense approach to focusing on the things that matter.

I also enjoyed the video on the different types of guitar wood. I can already tell a huge improvement in my guitar tone in last couple of days. I started by only applying the techniques you teach in a couple sections alone!

The Guitar Survival Kit is THE definitive package for getting killer results, whether you’re a beginner or pro.

Great Package. Worth the $$$ many times over!

Great work and thanks again!

James Anders
Damascus, MD

What's It Worth For You To Have Access To a Professional Rock Guitarist's Methods and Techniques? You're Being Handed The Keys To a Proven Guitar Enhancement Compilation Package That Seriously ROCKS!!

Think about it... With the right information I was able to turn my average skills and tone into Killer Rock Guitar Playing once I realized the important elements to focus on. Wouldn't you like to do the same?

I've done all of the hard work for you. You're getting my years, months and weeks of creating & testing hundreds upon hundreds of guitar licks, phrasings, tone textures, methods, techniques, tips and secrets, as well as professional guidance.

I've finally compiled a collection of my best guitar products into a complete Guitar Survival Kit!

If you add up all the time and money spent in the past, trying to learn everything that might help you get ahead in your guitar playing, chances are you'll be shocked! Then, to realize find you didn't get the results you were after, only makes the wound deeper.

Now, you have a genuine opportunity to enhance your guitar skills and knowledge with success.

If you apply any of the methods and techniques from the Guitar Survival Kit into your guitar playing, you'll can rapidly improve your guitar skills well over 100% and save hundreds of dollars doing it.

Would you pay hundreds, if it meant you could forever create and improvise killer lead guitar solos on demand? Or how about developing a monsterous rock guitar tone? or how about displaying complete control over your speedpicking techniques, etc...?

Most people would have no problem paying several hundred dollars if it meant that they could gain access to proven, and successful guitar enhancement methods, like in the Guitar Survival Kit.

When you think of the true worth of a genuine opportunity like this, that can help you get out of your guitar rut and send you on your way to a new super cool guitar identity, there's no doubt your new guitar playing skills will draw the attention of all your listeners.

You will sound better, your band will sound better, your recordings will sound better, and your fanbase will begin growing like wildfire. Can you handle it?

Seriously, what's it worth to make your whole band sound better, and the recordings of your band sound better? This could be the missing link that takes your band from good to great!

Now don't worry, I'm not charging a whole month's wages for this package, nor am I going to charge a single week's wages, or even a few day's pay.

I've decided to price this complete package at a truly rock bottom price...

You Can Now Have Access To My Proven
Guitar Survival Kit
, Today For Just...

Not - $247

Not - $197

Not - $147

It's about the same cost as a couple guitar cables, a few packs of strings, and some picks, As you know, those items eventually wear out and you have to buy them all over again!

Invest in The Guitar Survival Kit, and you'll gain knowledge for a lifetime! This is a lifetime investment in your career. I think you would agree with that.

Don't worry this is not a mis-print...It's only going to cost just $97


Because You Deserve It!

This is a real opportunity to help you enhance and improve your guitar skills, while getting you out of the rut that I myself have been in plenty of times. I know the feeling. It's a vicious cycle that can really knock the wind out of you.

BUT...It all stops here today!

I really want you to have the opportunity to turn it all around. Considering the massive potential this guitar survival kit has on improving your guitar skills, it's easy to see why most other people would charge much more for this package. I could easily do that, but I want to help you, and be fair with you.

In fact, I want to give you so much value, and totally over-deliver on this guitar package, so that when I release another product in the future, you'll already trust me just like those that have previously done business with me do! Earning your trust and respect is very important to me.

This is my investment in you. After you apply these methods and techniques, (uprooting yourself from that stubborn guitar rut) you'll be thrilled to be on your way towards creating your new guitar identity. You'll be excited to purchase new products from me in the future!

But Wait, There's More...

Now, I know you're still maybe thinking that you can't risk $97 to give this a try... I Understand 100%.

There's quite a few guitar courses available, some more expensive and some less expensive, but most DO NOT focus on the critical elements needed to get ahead in your guitar playing. It's understandable why it's so hard to know who to invest your time and trust with.

This is why I've decided to take all the risk away from you, and guarantee your success with my personal 100% Risk-Free Guarantee.

Secure Your Guitar Survival Kit Here

Now there's absolutely nothing to lose, but you have everything to gain by securing your access to this incredible Guitar Survival Kit Package today.

First off, you'll get a head start on everyone else, as this information is giving you an unfair advantage over your competition.

The second reason to get it right now is that I'm throwing in some very useful bonuses that will help you succeed, and give you everything you need to quickly enhance your guitar playing skills 100%.

"Anyone That Misses It Will Be Very Sorry"

Hi Robert,

I just checked out your much awaited compilation package, The Guitar Survival Kit.

No doubt, you are about to make thousands of people very happy about playing guitar all over again, just like when people first start first playing guitar, it's so fresh and new sounding. It's extremely inspiring.

Your straight forward approach put a new kind of thought process in force, based on knowledge that helps you make successful decisions towards guitar improvement.

Guitarists should forget what they previously learned, and get on board with this new paradigm you crystallize in The Guitar Survival Kit, which is a like a beacon to the improving guitar players of the world.

Anyone that misses it will be very sorry when the competition starts using these real working techniques, because your formula is laid out for long term guitar success. The Guitar Survival Kit puts an end to tail chasing, and pointless money spending.

Awesome product - pleasure to do business with you.

Ken Hyette,
Bellingham, WA

If you act quickly, you'll be sure to get these following Sofware Bonuses. Understand that these bonuses may not be offered, or may have changed the next time you hit this page.


Secure Yours by...
To Lock-In Your Valuable "Limited Time" Bonuses!!


Easy Chord Guitar Chord Tool

Since you're taking action by ordering now, I know you'll want to get started right away. My gift in appreciation, this handy guitar chord tool.

You can find any chord your looking for in seconds, even better, you'll learn many chords that you've never even heard, or played before.

Any key, sharp or flat, is available.

This little guitar chord tool is one of the most handy tools when it comes to learning, writing, transposing, teaching etc....

This is a must have

$47.00 Value



Easy Scale Guitar Scale Tool

Find any guitar scale in seconds. A very handy tool to have when learning guitar solos, writing songs, composing harmonies, etc...

By simply adding several new scales into your playing, you can improve your playing abilities more than 100%.

This bonus alone, is worth hundreds of dollars if you took full advantage of it's power.

All the scales you can think of, major and minor, including the modes for the scales. This is another absolute must!

$47.00 Value



Fretboard Warrior
Guitar Note Tool

Learn All The Notes On The Neck - Quick & Easy...

There's no doubt, that knowing where the notes are on the guitar neck makes it so much easier when creating music as a well planned masterpiece, or just simply improvising and jamming.

No more struggling to get around the neck. Order now, and you'll get this priceless tool free.

$47.00 Value



Swiss Army Guitar Tool

This is the final link in the chain. Your own tuner, your own metronome, and your own drumloops to jam with. This complete combination package is being given to you as a system, to improve your guitar playing overall. These tools are vital.

Now you can get your hands on all of these absolutely free, just by taking action now.


$47.00 Value



Pacemaker - Audio Control
Control Tempo, Pitch & Speed

PaceMaker is a plug-in for Winamp player that enables independent control of the sound tempo, pitch and playback rate:

Tempo control speeds up or slows down the music tempo without affecting the music key (pitch)

Pitch control changes the music pitch (key) without affecting the tempo

Speed control changes the music playback rate as if a record or an audio tape were played at a too high or low rate.

PaceMaker version 2 also features a Vocal Removal capability to suppress original singing voice, which is useful for practicing singing or karaoke.

$47.00 Value

> > > Click Here For Immediate Access < < <

I'm really looking forward to hearing your success story. It's extremely satisfying to hear people tell me how they've improved their guitar playing skills from my teachings. It's what motivates me to help people like yourself, and others like you.

Let's Take a Final Look at Everything You're Getting...

"How To Get Great Guitar Tone"

Physical Soft Cover Book - (Shipped To You Front Door)


"Guitar SpeedPickingTechniques"

Physical DVD - (Shipped To You Front Door)


"40 Killer Rock Guitar Licks"

Popular Best Selling Product - (Instant Download Version)

10 Killer "PENTATONIC" Rock Guitar Licks - AUDIO & Tab

10 Killer "REPETITIVE" Rock Guitar Licks - AUDIO & Tab

10 Killer "BLUES" Rock Guitar Licks - AUDIO & Tab

10 Killer "PENTATONIC-2" Rock Guitar Licks - AUDIO & Tab


"7 Lead Guitar Success Secrets"
7-Day Lead Guitar Success Secrets Training Videos


# 1.) Video Module "Marshal Cabinet Tone Secrets"

(Digital DOWNLOAD)


# 2.) Video Module "Guitar Stereo Micing Methods"

(Digital DOWNLOAD)


# 3.) Video Module "Guitar Intonation Secrets"

(Digital DOWNLOAD)


# 4.) Video Module "How To Block Your Tremolo"

(Digital DOWNLOAD)


# 5.) Video Module "Wood & Tone Characteristics"

(Digital DOWNLOAD)


# 6.) Video Module "String Winding Techniques"

(Digital DOWNLOAD)


# 7.) Video Module "Uncovering Core Guitar Sound"

(Digital DOWNLOAD)


"140 Gibson Guitar Schematics"

Guitars / Basses / Amplifiers

(Digital DOWNLOAD)


"125 Marshall Amp Schematics"

Complete Line Of Marshalls

(Digital DOWNLOAD)


"Indie Resource Guide"

Music Industry Connections

(Digital DOWNLOAD)


"Easy Chord" Guitar Chord Tool

(Digital DOWNLOAD Sofware)


"Easy Scale" Guitar Scale Tool

(Digital DOWNLOAD Sofware)


"Fretboard Warrior " Guitar Note Tool

(Digital DOWNLOAD Sofware)


"Tuner/Metronom/Drum Loop/ " Multi Guitar Tool

(Digital DOWNLOAD Sofware)


"Pacemaker" Audio Control/ Speed/Pitch/Tempo

(Digital DOWNLOAD Sofware)


>>Total Value $987.00 <<

It's All Yours Today For Only...


Keep in mind, the Guitar Survival Kit is a limited time offer. I can't promise this offer to be available beyond . This is your opportunity to get a Great Return On Your Investment... Get Yours Now!

I'm giving you everything you need to get out of the deepest guitar rut, and begin creating your new original identity on the guitar. If you incorporate these methods and techniques into your guitar playing, you're positively sure to improve your guitar skills more than one hundred percent.

Don't forget, I'm taking all the risk and guaranteeing your complete success or I'll issue a prompt return of your entire investment.

I hope you can see that I really do want you to succeed. When you succeed, I succeed.

This is our win win situation! Let me help you become a Great Guitarist.

You Clearly Have Only 2 Choices

1.) Allow me to take all of the risk, and you order your copy of the "Guitar Survival Kit" along with all your fast action bonuses, and start Injecting fuel into your guitar playing today.


2.) Pass on this offer, only to regret it later.

Remember: You've already invested alot of time in learning and playing your guitar, why would you deny yourself an opportunity to open up a whole new level of guitar skills? Wouldn't that be truly cheating yourself from reaching your full potential? I hope this is not the case for you.

I only plan on selling this combination package at this price for a very limited time. When this offer is over, it's over. I want to quickly help the people that see this opportunity now.

If you are even slightly serious about getting your guitar playing back on track, I urge you not to wait. This is a guaranteed win for you!

Use your valuable time wisely and take action now!

Go ahead and place your order below, and you'll get instant access within minutes.


YES, Robert! I'm Ready To Hit The Ground Running And Take You Up On Your Super Cool Guitar Survival Kit! You've Made This Real Easy, and I'm Taking Full Advantage Of It!

  • I understand that for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I can now get
    This Complete "Guitar Survival Kit" Package, and all of the Special Free Bonuses and Fast Action Bonuses for just $97
  • I also understand that my order is totally Risk-Free with your
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  • I'm aware I'll receive the Soft Cover Book of "How To Get Great Guitar Tone" and my DVD "Guitar SpeedPicking Techniques" Both will be sent to my front doorstep. I'm also aware that I'll be given instructions to Download 7 Video Modules For Guitar Enhancement, as well as the 7-Day Lead Guitar Success Training Videos, and all the other fast action bonuses directly after my payment is authorized...
    (takes less than a minute).

100% Safe and Secure Transaction

To Your Guitar Success,
Robert Lee Molton
Robert Lee Molton,
Guitar Survival Kit

PS. You're getting everything you need to improve your guitar skills with great success. You'll also continue to benefit from the valuable fast action bonuses... You can finally say goodbye once and for all to stale guitar playing and low inspiration, once you apply these proven methods and techniques into your playing.

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PPS. Remember, in as little as a few minutes you could miss out on some of the valuable bonuses, worth many times more than the complete package price itself. There's nothing for you to lose, as I'm taking all the risk with my personal 100% money back guarantee.

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Great work dude, I've definitely had people notice my playing improvements. I'm not quite Jimi Hendrix yet but...
Dan Zahorar - Chicago, IL.


Just as you said, it got me out of my rut and gave me tons of fresh sound and inspiration to draw from. Super Cool!
Bralio Gonzalez - Rosendale, WI.


Great Stuff!!! I'm always learning new things from you, and quickly!!
Roger Swaney - Saline, MI.


Robert, Thanks a ton man! You've made me the talk of my local scene!
Frank McDonell - Newton, MA.

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